Art guidelines?

2013-12-25 22:08:16 by blargsnarf

So, M-Bot removed my old Marge's Thanksgiving picture and said the following:

"Your submission, "Marge's Thanksgiving", submitted at Nov 29, 2013, has been removed due to violation of terms.

Please review the art guidelines to ensure that you're following the rules and to prevent any further action being taken against other reviews you make."

The guidelines state thusly: "In addition to the rules outlined in our Terms of Use: Photography is not allowed in either public or private galleries. We prefer to keep the spotlight on hand-made works. Photographs of sculptures, paintings or other hand-made items are acceptable. You must be the owner and creator of the work you are submitting. Note: If you chose to showcase your art in the public listing, it may not appear for a few minutes and only if you have been scouted." I see nothing here about why my Marge piece was removed. I guess it's cos Nelson is underage in the show, but I see nothing in any guidelines about underage stuff? I searched the Terms of Use for "underrage" and "illegal" but found no hits.

Anyone know where I can find a copy of the actual art guidelines?


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2013-12-25 22:33:19

Check here,

There's a list of Art Mods, you can PM here, Maybe poxpower or legolass can answer why.

blargsnarf responds:

Yeah that's what I gave a quick read through but didn't see anything. Weird that there aren't actual rules written down anywhere.


2013-12-26 21:16:27

Might be too close to the original, that it spooked a Mod, wish I could say! Still, try PMing one of the art Mods I mentioned, and ask simply. Put the pulled picture in the dump and provide the link in the PM.


2014-02-09 21:36:47

This has been a recent change in how Newgrounds Mods behave. I've noticed it in other places as well where they are going through and deleting art that's been on here for years bc the characters "appear underage (not underage like 8, but underage like 15)"... How can a DRAWING be underage??? I've already preemptively edited my work twice because of reading about this on other peoples pages.

Other general examples of this change include disallowing all adult content on the front page, blocking by default the adult content in searches, and removing medals from any adult games... (happened to me)

It's likely they are trying to reposition Newgrounds (to parents) as a teenager-friendly, law-abiding website but are doing it slowly so the regular, older users will just accept it or leave. I'm cynical but have seen it happen many times before elsewhere.

Anyways, there are other sites out there, just too bad bc Newgrounds was the best.


2014-03-16 08:08:29

... Is this newspost one huge joke?

You don't need to look at the guidelines, you KNOW it's underage. No amount of descriptions saying "she's 18 lol" saves the fact that you have drawn incredibly young children being fucked.

@Slingbang is right that there are other sites out there that allow this sort of content. Unfortunately they're also on police watchlists for potential paedophiles.

blargsnarf responds:

Not really a joke, nowhere in the guidelines does it say underage stuff is disallowed. And since, like you said, other sites do allow various things that other sites don't, I don't think it's that big a surprise to want specific rules on what you can or cannot post.


2014-03-16 11:50:19

OK let's make it crystal clear for you:
- You're not allowed to post underage stuff in the art portal,
- You're not allowed to sell drugs over the forums, and
- You're not allowed to murder another user.

I'm aware these things aren't in the guidelines, but I reckon the admins thought that the people who make accounts on this site had an ounce of common sense.